Concept2 BikeErg


BikeErg is an indoor bike, and like the Concept 2 Rower, it has the same inertia wheel system that uses air resistance and the same PM5 monitor. The air resistance system creates a smooth, silent movement that responds to the effort applied.

The inertia wheel allows you to regulate the intake of air which simulates the changes of the bike, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the pedals. Unlike most stationary bikes, BikeErg has a free wheel, which like a real bike, when you stop pedaling, the pedals stop while the wheel continues to spin.

The sophisticated Performance Monitor PM5 provides instant workout feedback with a wide range of data including pace, watts, cadence (rpm) and calories, and automatically stores this information. The PM5 on BikeErg features Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless connectivity, allowing you to connect to many heart rate bands, fitness devices and applications. The Concept2 ErgData app is free and helps you monitor your workouts. 

With an easily height-adjustable saddle and handlebar to allow a training session to be as comfortable as possible depending on the user's characteristics. 

BikeErg uses high strength polygroove belts instead of a chain for quiet use. Belts are self-tensioning to help extend service life and reduce maintenance. 


  • Smartphone support
  • BikeErg Product Manual with Performance Monitor Quick Start Guide
  • Tools and assembly instructions


  • Weight: 31kg
  • Length: 122cm
  • Seat height: 79-103cm
  • Maximum user weight: 136kg

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