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Xebex AirPlus Cycle

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Xebex - AirPlus Cycle with Smart Connect (AMSB-03-BA)
Meet the XEBEX Airplus Cycle, the comfortable bike for Spinning enthusiasts. This bike is very similar to a spin bike. Allows you to do a HIIT workout or pedal for a longer period by recording your time through the display that will record your heart rate capacity and control your workout.
Flywheel, Damper and Power Setting:
Thanks to Flywheel with FreeWheel, the user has control  over the intensity at all times. Damper allows the athlete to adjust the amount of airflow on the left side of the Flywheel during the toggle, which can increase or decrease the intensity. All this can be seen on the display.
Increase power and pitch by adjusting AirPlus (magnetic) resistance. On the right side of the Flywheel, the user can pull and adjust the AirPlus knob between 1 to 8 levels to increase resistance. When only the air resistance is used, the user can simulate a slope between 0-15 degrees, when the magnetic resistance is also turned on, it increases to 35 degrees.
  • Maximum user weight of 158 kg
  • AirPlus (air + magnetic resistance)
  • FreeWheel Design - if you stop pedaling, the flywheel continues to spin while your feet/pedals are stationary
  • Poly-grooved straps with self-tensioning system for a smooth, quiet cycling experience.
Display /Programs:
  • HIIT display with clear screen
  • Color Progress Circle, Watt Power and Heart Rate Zone
  • Includes Smart Connect (Bluetooth and ANT+)
  • Ability to view the air resistance level on the dial.
  • Easily identify air resistance, magnetic levels, time, distance, calories, RPM, power, speed and heart rate
  • Compatible with 5kHz heart rate monitors.
  • Height adjustable handlebar in 30 levels
  • The handlebar is adjustable from front to back in different positions
  • The angle of the dial is adjustable to 270 degrees
  • The saddle is adjustable in height in 30 levels.
  • The saddle angle is adjustable in 30 degrees
  • Saddle is adjustable from front to back
  • Includes metal pedal with foot supports.
Smart Connect ecosystem:
Easy to use Smart Connect display allows users to connect to various applications. See link to find compatible applications https://www.xebex.eu/store/p52/airplus-cycle-with-bluetooth.html