The need created the opportunity!

Everything started… With a passion for the Crossfit modality where the demand was already some but the offer not so much. The lack of options in material for Weightlifting and Functional Training, made us gradually take root in Portuguese lands.

We already have an idea, what's missing...

The name… SemperFit, originated from the expression Semper fi or semper fidelis, which means “always faithful” and is the motto of the United States Marine Corps. Like the Marines, we see ourselves in the spirit of unity, honor and loyalty.

What we want?

Create value… This is our basic principle! We don't want to be another brand, we do want to add value to our client's training. THE SemperFit does not sell bars, bumpers or kettlebells, but rather experience quality training and competition.

Who is our target audience?

You! If you're reading this, it's because you fit into the segment of active people we want to reach. Are you a Functional Training athlete? Weightlifting? Do you want to complement another type of sport, or simply have good training material at home, in the gym or box? We have everything designed for you!



Luís Filipe - “The Kettlebell” / CEO  

CEO, sends him rain, just like a versatile Kettlebell adaptable to all situations, Luís Filipe is more than a leader sitting giving orders, on the days when containers arrive look inside and you'll find him.


Sofia Torres - “A Magnésio” / Customer Services

The right arm does everything, if it's an invoice you need call Sofia, if the client needs some custom-made knee braces call Sofia.

Our Sofia is always ready and ready to help you.


Marco Lapa - "The Burnout" / Sales Representative

The “Diva”, the king of wakeboarding. Marco is the Semperfit commercial, if you don't know how to build your dream gym at home, Marco will guide you to the ideal solution.


Hugo Teixeira - "The Bumper" / Logistics Manager 

Warehouse responsible. With a slice pizza he will do anything you want.

Hugo Teixeira, on the bicycle or on the forklift, is our Warehouse Manager, full of will and patience, a hardworking man.

Abrunheira cyclist, one hand on the handlebars the other on the lunch box.


Cátia Dias - “A Barra” /  Assistant Logistics Manager 

Let's not judge the book by its cover, Cátia is our Faithful in the Warehouse, a woman of arms. Newly arrived, she came to get Hugo out of any trouble.


Castro - “The Sled” /  Designer

Bruno The Castro Pereira

The Service Designer with imagination and creativity fills the measures of all artistic needs of Semperfit.


André Martins - “The Tatami” / Technical and Quality Manager  

The engineer, the Merlin of structures. It supports the development and testing of our products, to certify their functionality and resilience, as you design the layout of your dream gym.


Bruno Gabriel - "The Timer" / Technical Coordinator

AKA BG, Support almost everyone in their work, one almost does everything. Department's Technical Responsible Semperfit Testing Center and halfway pretends to train.


Filipa Ribeiro - "The Dumbbell" /  Photograph and Social Media Manager

It catches Semperfit's good and bad moments, illustrates the events, gives life to our articles and our athletes on social networks, the best photograph that takes the best “plates”! We introduce you to our small but talented photographer.


You can count on us!