Equipamento Fitness para Ginásio ou Particulares

Rig - Black | White

Pillar structure of a Gym. Our RIGs are prepared to combine a range of accessories, such as a Jammer Arms, Climbing RopeJ-Cups to support the BarsPeg Weight to fix the Disks, Wall Ball Target, etc.

1. TEAM RIG (BLACK color)

  • 50mm (front) x 80mm (side) x 3mm (thickness of iron)
  • It has 3 heights: 2.90mt |3.60mt | 4.50cm
  • Custom Made

2. RIG TK (BLACK and WHITE color)

  • 80mm x 80mm x 3.75mm (iron thickness)
  • It has 3 possible height measures: 2.30mt |2.90mt | 3.60cm

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