Equipamento Fitness para Ginásio ou Particulares

Nordic Bench

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The Nordic Bench allows the possibility to do Nordic Curls in a safe, effective and comfortable way.

This bench has a solid, robust and comfortable structure. With a large padded area and height-adjustable footrests, it can be adapted to all types of users with the most varied heights. It has four feet with a strong base with the alternative to be fixed to the ground in order to provide more stability (optional). It consists of a front handle and rear wheels to facilitate its transport when not fixed to the ground.

This Nordic Bench allows the particularity of being able to anchor Power Bands in the rear region of the equipment in order to facilitate the designated movement.

Another possible exercise to perform on this bench is the Anchored Sit-Ups.


  • * Carry handle
  • * Transport wheels
  • * Height-adjustable footrest
  • * Support for fixing bands