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Colored Kettlebell Competition 2.0

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The Color 2.0 Competition Kettlebells have an exclusive feature, they are designed using a single piece in cast iron, Cast Iron, this provides greater durability to the material. 

Another particularity of these kettelebells is the deformation of the upper part, which allows a perfect fit with the forearm, a fundamental characteristic for carrying, clean and snatching. 

The Kettlebell is one of the most versatile and functional pieces of equipment on the market. Through these “small balls with a handle” it is possible to work with strength, stability and explosion. Both used in strictly strength training, as well as in a metabolic register, make the kettlebell an element to consider adding to your training. 

Available with a wide range of weights and uniformed so that you don't feel any change every time you change weight between sets, maintaining a stable and regular movement pattern. #kbswing #turkishgetup