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Concept2 Rower

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The Concept2 Rower is the most popular indoor rower used for training and is thought to be easy to maintain and have an extended lifespan. 

Built to bring real water mechanics closer to land training, the Concept2 Rower is for everyone and all ages providing a complete workout for the entire body.

With a clean and ergonomic design, the Concept2 Rower has comfortable grips and adjustable footrests to make your workout as comfortable as possible.

The Concept 2 Rower has a PM5 display, Performance Monitor, which provides reliable training data to compare the user's progress. The monitor displays pace, watts, stroke rate and calories, all these data are automatically stored in internal memory or a USB drive.

Easy to transport due to the wheels on the front of the oar and with the possibility of separating into two parts, it facilitates storage in more conditioned spaces.

  • Smartphone support
  • User manual
  • Performance Monitor Quick Start Guide
  • Illustrated assembly tools and instructions


  • Brand:  Concept2
  • Weight:  26 kg
  • Length:  2.44 m 
  • Length of monorail:  1.37 m 
  • Leg length:  up to 91 cm 
  • Seat height:  0.36m 
  • Width:  0.61 m 
  • Maximum load capacity:  227 kg
  • Material:  Steel, aluminum and ABS plastic according to the elements.
  • Finishing:  Oven lacquered powder paint 
  • Color:  Light gray or black, with dark greyish blue accents.
  • Drag system:  Nickel plated steel belt.
  • Space required for assembly:  2.44m x 0.61m
  • Space required for use:  2.74mx 1.22m

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