Equipamento Fitness para Ginásio ou Particulares

Colored Nylon Belt

Military Green
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The Color Nylon Belt is available in 6 colors. It has an easy and secure grip, the adjustment is made through a velcro buckle, making it more practical to tighten and loosen.  

It has a double clasp that allows you to tighten the belt in two ways, one in which when unfastening the belt it will easily come off and the other in which, after moving the Velcro, the belt does not come loose (ideal for situations with different requirements).

Developed to provide greater comfort and safety in the lumbar and abdominal region during strength training, Powerlifting or Weightlifting sessions. 


  • Size S: circumference size above the navel: min 70cm - max 80cm
  • Size M: circumference size above the navel: min 80cm - max 90cm
  • Size L: circumference sizes above the navel: min 90cm - max 100cm
  • Size XL: circumference sizes above the navel: min 100cm - max 110cm