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Team Power Rack - 235cm PLUS

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The Power Rack Plus is a compact and robust structure, ideal for situations that do not require a wall mounted rig, such as Garage Gyms or workstation solutions.

It has a storage system for discs (peg weights) on the back of the structure.


  • Team – Upright 235cm – 4 units
  • Team – SM bar 107cm – 1 unit
  • Team – Cross LG bar 107cm – 50x50mm – 6 units
  • Team – J-Cup (pair) – 1 pair
  • Team – Peg Weight – 4 units


  • Height: 235cm
  • Width: 117cm
  • Depth: 123cm
  • Pillar: 5x8cm / 3mm thickness

Possible applications to add:

  • Team – Dip Station
  • Team – Jammer arms
  • Team – Upright 290cm


The Discs and Bar shown in the image are merely illustrative.