Sprint Track

Black and White - 2x10m
Green and White - 2x10m
Dark Gray - 2x10m
Dark Green - 1.5x10m
Dark Gray - 1x10m

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The Sprint track is a synthetic grass for high-end sports practice. Offers extremely durable quality for both indoor and outdoor use.

A complement for those looking to perform sprints and / or sled work, among others. 


  •  extremely durable
  •  high density product
  •  Designed for high performance
  •  Easy to maintain
  •  Standard delivered with double sided tape (easy installation)
  •  Easy to install
  •  For indoor and outdoor use
  •  No use of sand fill
  •  100% customizable
  •  13 mm high
  •  Total gram weight approximately 3.5 kg / m2
  •  Suitable for Crossfit, Fitness Centers and Gyms

There is a possibility to choose your own composition of cores.In addition to the 7 basic cores, there is also a text and line option with a variety of 18 cores.