Stakes - 3 Holes


Our 3-hole staves with a larger occupation of the palm and comfortable on the wrist, are made of a very malleable material allowing to help the grip during movement, it also helps to protect against damage caused to the palm of the hand.

A complement to consider in gymnastic training (bar and hoop) or in situations with a high number of repetitions.


  • Size s: from the wrist to the hole wears: 13.80cm/Width of the palm wears: 9cm.
  • Size M:from the wrist to the burnout hole: 14cm/Width of the burnout palm: 9.3cm
  • Size L: from the wrist to the burnout hole: 15cm. Width of exhausted palm: 9.3cm
  • Size XL: from the wrist to the burn hole: 16cm. Width of the exhausted palm: 9.5cm

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