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"VR 2.0" Olympic Bar

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VR 2.0 is our top of the range bar. It has superior “flexibility” than all other Semperfit bars and due to its 230 PSI, the VR 2.0 allows for higher loads and better force transfer applicability.

It has a stronger Knurling than The Challenger, The Weightlifter and The Bandit, providing a greater grip.

Ideal for powerlifting and/or weightlifting training.

The PSI number will give the necessary indication about the bar's flexibility and consequently the load it supports.


  • Olympic bar man / woman
  • Length: 220cm (20kg) / 201cm (15kg)
  • Width of handle: 28mm (20kg) / 25mm (15kg)
  • Bearings: 10 (needle)
  • Weight:  20kg or 15kg
  • PSI: 230,000